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Whether you are just starting out or have been in the restaurant industry for years, the catering business can be a significant addition to your revenue stream. If you want to build a robust catering business, you need to approach it differently than your dine-in or takeout business. In this blog post, we’ll explore how call routing in conjunction with an easy-to-use app, upselling, attention to detail, and consistency can help grow your catering business.

The first step towards building a robust catering business is to understand the differences between small and large orders. Most large catering orders are placed via phone, while small orders are usually placed online through apps. A good CEO will recognize this difference and implement call routing to ensure customers reach the right person, quickly and efficiently.

Once you have the customer on the phone, it is essential to upsell them on additional items that complement their order. Upselling not only increases the overall order value but also shows the customer that you care enough to recommend additional products that will enhance their experience. Furthermore, by utilizing call routing based on location or order history, you can personalize the upsell approach and increase the likelihood of the customer purchasing more items from you.

Attention to detail is another crucial factor in building a successful catering business. Every detail matters, from the quality of ingredients to the presentation of the order. Customers who choose catered meals for their events expect nothing but excellence, and it’s our job to deliver just that. Time invested in ensuring each order is perfect will come back with repeat business and positive reviews.

Consistency is also of paramount importance as it helps establish your brand and reliability. Every customer, whether new or returning, expects the same level of quality with each order. When customers trust you to fulfill their catering needs, they will turn to you repeatedly and recommend you to others. Consistency also requires attention to detail and effective communication which can be achieved through call routing and an easy-to-use app.

The kiss of death for any catering business is long response times. Slow response times send a message that the business is not efficient or cares much about customer service. Building a robust catering business with a focus on response time means immediate responses when an issue occurs. This approach ensures you keep a customer, even when an issue arises.

As a restaurant owner, growing your catering business is an excellent way to increase revenue and expand your customer base. Call routing, easy-to-use apps, attention to detail, consistency, and quick response times are essential factors to building a robust catering business. By focusing on these factors, you can offer personalized service, exceeding expectations and gaining regular and loyal customers.

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