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Hotels and motels around the country are learning the power of the Dialing Innovations phone system. This revolutionary system has eliminated monthly maintenance fees, expensive updates, forced obsolescence and license fees for basic services. This has allowed hotels and motels to set themselves free with Dialing Innovations and flexible hotel solutions. Many business owners are blown away to learn that one service could handle all of their hotel’s phone lines needs, allowing them to share and maximize costs. When combined with a collaborative front desk, hotels and motels have an entirely new world of service.

Dialing Innovations has a unique approach that is specifically designed to meet the phone-based needs of hotels and motels. It provides a central phone system that allows hotels and motels to handle all their calls from a single location. This means that you can easily transfer calls, create customized messages, and set up call routing systems to handle specific types of calls. This results in a more efficient and organized system that operates more smoothly.

One of the biggest advantages of Dialing Innovations is its affordability. Many hotels and motels struggle with the high cost of traditional phone systems, which can become outdated very quickly, and require costly updates. However, Dialing Innovations eliminates these issues and provides a low-cost alternative that is designed explicitly for hotels and motels. Plus, you can customize the service to suit your specific requirements, allowing you to create a unique and affordable solution that is perfect for your establishment.

Another great feature of Dialing Innovations is its ability to allow hotels and motels to share the same phone line. This means that multiple phone lines can be used to manage all incoming and outgoing calls, which maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the phone system. This results in a more efficient and productive workforce, which can help improve customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line.

Dialing Innovations also provides an on-demand service that allows hotels and motels to update their phone systems without the need for expensive and time-consuming updates. This means that hotels and motels can remain up-to-date with the latest technology without having to spend a lot of money on an update. Plus, this service can be customized to match the specific needs of your hotel or motel, so you can choose the features that you need, and leave the rest behind.

Finally, Dialing Innovations provides a flexible front desk service that allows hotels and motels to work seamlessly with their front desk staff. This collaborative front desk allows for more efficient customer service, which is essential in the hotel and motel industry. Plus, it provides instant feedback and communication, which helps to improve productivity and overall satisfaction.


In today’s fast-paced and competitive hotel and motel industry, a reliable and efficient phone system is essential. Dialing Innovations provides a low-cost solution that eliminates the need for expensive maintenance fees, updates, forced obsolescence, and license fees. It offers a customizable solution that allows hotels and motels to differentiate themselves from the competition, and it provides an efficient and reliable service that maximizes productivity and profitability. With Dialing Innovations, hotels and motels are setting themselves free, and embracing an entirely new world of service.

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