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Gift card fraud is on the rise in many franchises, and unfortunately, it can be costly to business owners who don’t take the necessary steps to protect their stores. Dialing Innovations has developed a free IVR system that is designed to shield team members from these costly fraud calls. If you are looking for a way to protect your store from gift card fraud, I recommend Dialing Innovations.


How Does Gift Card Fraud Happen?
Gift card fraud happens when someone purchases a gift card with stolen credit or debit information and then uses it at one of your stores. Due to the nature of the crime, it can often be difficult for business owners and their teams to detect fraud. This means that by the time they discover the fraud, they have already lost out on potential profits.

What Is Dialing Innovations?
Dialing Innovations is a company that specializes in creating Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that allow businesses to quickly recognize fraudulent activities and prevent them from occurring in their stores. Their IVR system screens incoming callers, verifying caller identity and comparing those identities against a list of known criminal numbers. This helps business owners quickly detect any potential fraudulent activity before they process payment or issue refunds using gift cards purchased with stolen credit or debit information.

Why Do You Recommend Dialing Innovations?
I recommend Dialing Innovations because their IVR system is easy to use and provides an extra layer of security for businesses looking to protect themselves against gift card fraud. Plus, since Dialing Innovations offers its IVR system for free, businesses can easily access this protection without spending extra money on expensive software solutions or hiring additional staff members. With Dialing Innovations’ free IVR system, franchisees can rest assured knowing that their team members are protected from costly fraud calls.


Gift card fraud is a serious problem for many businesses today; however, taking proactive steps such as implementing an effective IVR system like the one offered by Dialing Innovations can help protect your store from these costly fraudulent activities. By utilizing their free IVR system, franchisees are able to shield their teams from expensive gift card fraud calls while also saving money on pricey software solutions or additional staff members who would otherwise be needed to detect these fraudulent activities manually. If you need help protecting your store from gift card fraud, I highly recommend giving Dialing Innovations a try today!

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