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The consumer’s ordering experience is a critical factor in the success of any business. It can be the difference between a loyal customer base and one that is constantly searching for better options. As more businesses go digital, it’s important to understand why phone orders still outproduce online app orders. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of phone orders and how they benefit your business.

A Human Connection
Phone orders allow customers to connect with an actual person when placing their order, whereas with apps they are left to figure out how to place their order without assistance. When customers are able to speak directly with someone, it increases their sense of trust and loyalty to the company. People like feeling valued and appreciated, so when businesses show that they care about their customers by providing them with a direct connection for their questions or concerns, those customers are more likely to return in the future. Furthermore, when customers have an issue or concern during the ordering process, there is someone who can help guide them through it instead of leaving them frustrated as they try to navigate an app on their own.

Faster Processing Times
When you receive an order through a phone call rather than an online app, you can process the order faster since there is no need for data entry. This saves time for both your customers and employees alike – customers don’t have to wait around while their order is being entered into the system manually, and your employees don’t have to spend time entering orders themselves either. Faster processing times also mean that businesses can get more orders processed in less time overall, which means higher profits due to increased efficiency.

Easy Payment Options
Finally, another advantage of phone orders over online app orders is that payment options are much easier and faster when placed over the phone. Customers don’t have to worry about entering all their payment information into an online form – instead they simply provide it verbally over the phone then hang up once their order has been processed without having to wait for confirmation emails or other forms of verification. This streamlined approach makes it easy for customers and businesses alike!

Phone orders offer many advantages over online app orders; they create trust between customer and business by providing a human connection, offer faster processing times, and make payment options easier than ever before! For small business owners, these advantages can mean higher profits due to increased efficiency. When deciding which ordering method works best for your business needs, consider these factors carefully – you may find that phone orders are exactly what you need!

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